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How Does A Shared Office Space Work?

Initially, the idea of a shared office space may not sound like something your business is interested in. The idea of sharing a space that usually only belongs to one business can bring to mind visions of exasperation or spaces that other businesses have misused. However, the idea of workspace has evolved tremendously in just the past couple of years. Shared office spaces are more commonly becoming the answer for more and more companies that are looking to evolve as well. 

What is a Shared Office Space?

Many people picture a shared office space as a wide open space in which you are sitting side-by-side with employees of several companies at the same time. This is just simply not the case with shared office spaces. In a shared office space, the workspace is indeed shared by employees of several companies. However, only one company’s employees will be occupying the space at one particular time.

This means that you will only be sharing your workspace with people you know. There will be no awkward interactions among employees or confusing vying for attention by the supervisors. When your company is done using the shared workspace, another company will move into the space for their allotted amount of time. Alternatively, a collaborative workspace is one where several companies are working in a space at the same time. These are usually used when those different companies are working together on a particular project.

How Do They Work?

Shared office spaces are more simple than they’ve been in the past. These spaces are rented out by people who book the space for the time that they need to complete their work. These spaces are sometimes rented out by freelancers, consultants, and remote workers. However, shared office spaces are usually rented out by companies that are solely based online. These workspaces give online companies an opportunity to meet face to face and complete projects.

It is also important to remember that shared office space will come with everything that you will need to successfully complete your projects. Not only will you get a place to set your laptop and somewhere to sit down, but you will also be paying for several more perks and features. For instance, shared office spaces will come with an internet connection, much more space, and even printers and scanners if you need them.

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Benefits of Shared Office Spaces

There are several benefits of shared office spaces that are becoming more and more needed in today’s quickly changing professional landscape. If you run a small startup company that sometimes needs to meet face to face for collaborative purposes, a shared office space will provide you with plenty of benefits. Not only will you be able to collaborate on projects efficiently, but you will also save money doing it. Let’s see how.

If you were to rent out an entire corporate office, you would pay a lot of money upfront when you may not even need the entire space for the entire time. Instead, renting out a shared office space for a limited amount of time will lower your rent bill a considerable amount. Besides that, your employees will easily be able to go back to working remotely when the rental period is over.

Additionally, your employees’ morale will grow, and their productivity will increase. Most people will look forward to seeing their coworkers face-to-face every once in a while. Frequent meetings with all of your employees will help heighten your employees’ engagement levels by keeping things exciting and giving opportunities for social interaction. Not only this, but you will use the space’s resources and technology instead of paying for your own.

How to Choose a Shared Office Space

Now that your mind frame toward shared office spaces has shifted, you may wonder what to look for in a shared office space. One of the first things to look for is the size of the workspace that you need. Shared office workspaces come in a variety of sizes, and the prices increase as the size does. It may be tempting to get the largest space available, but it is a good idea not to rent out more space than you really need.

Whether you need space for 50 people or for 5, you will be able to find a space to fit your needs. You may also have a need for a foyer, a boardroom, or a supply closet. All of these areas are important to running a company, though you may not need all of them. Make sure to check out any potential shared office spaces ahead of time to ensure that everything that you need is included in the space.

Let Astra Business Center Help

By now, you have realized the benefits of shared office space, and you are ready to find the perfect space for your company. This is the part that may be a little difficult. It’s hard to know where to look and who has office spaces out for rent. Make your life a little easier, and contact Astra Business Center for all your shared office space needs. We can provide you with the perfect space for you.

Astra offers many benefits and resources that other places simply do not. Our buildings are accessible at all times with an option for 24-hour secure access. The spaces are fully furnished and come with a stable internet connection, additional tech machines (fax, printer, scanner, etc.), and a kitchen area for your employees. There is also a reception area for you to welcome any guests. 

Astra also offers a cleaning service that is included in your original fees. In other words, at no extra cost to you. If you need a large boardroom for any meetings, Astra can provide access to one nearby. Astra also offers virtual receptionist packages that you can tailor to all of your needs. If you are interested in a shared office space, contact Astra Business Centers today, and let’s get started on providing your employees with a space tailored to all of their needs.


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