signs you're looking for coworking space

10 Signs You May Need To Start Looking for a Coworking Space


The pandemic forced many people to adjust to working from home which seemed like a dream to some.  No more commutes or interruptions in your day.  The benefits seemed endless!

But now that we have been working this way for a few years, it’s obvious that working from is not what it was boasted about being for everyone. Some workers have found struggles working from home and are looking towards coworking spaces to help satisfy their needs.

Signs You Need a Coworking Space

There are some clear signs as to when you should start looking for a coworking space to help get you back into the working rhythm.

Your Productivity is Suffering

Keeping yourself motivated can be a challenge if you aren’t in a professional office environment.  Being in a space where there are other groups of people actively working on projects and collaboration can be a good motivator for those that have lost their motivation to work.  Coworking spaces help everyone contribute to the feeling of productivity that can keep everyone motivated.

You are Alone or Feel that Way

Not everyone enjoys being alone all day.  For some, this can be a benefit, but for most working a long time alone can really get to you.  Coworking spaces offer spontaneous interaction that can help break up your day and get you revitalized to work.  Occasionally interacting with other people, even if they are coworkers, can also help improve your overall mood and help you build better relationships.

You Want Networking Opportunities

While working alone can be effective, business is about networking and building your community.  You can’t do that if you are at home all day.  Coworking space is made for networking and can help you meet other experts and influencers in your industry or those you might be trying to get into.  By being in a coworking space, you can help build valuable connections that can turn into long-term partnerships.

You are Looking for Clients

Eventually working from home can cause a drop in sales.  If you are struggling to find new clients, coworking spaces might be a good option for you.  These spaces are made for collaboration and networking between members.  Just being present in a coworking space can bring up opportunities that other office spaces just don’t offer.  Who knows, you might be sitting beside the next big client!

You Need More Space

Needing more space is a common reason people switch to coworking spaces.  Not only might you need more space for yourself, but as you start gathering a team, you will find yourself looking for meeting spaces and your living room just won’t cut it eventually.  Coworking spaces are generally set up to have open meeting places for teams or conference rooms for more private meetings or calls.  It also is a good way to get your team together in one place to collaborate and share ideas.

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Your Attitude Toward Your Work is Souring

It can happen to anyone working alone and at home for extended periods of time.  You just start to hate the work you are doing that you once loved.  It feels like work is always there because you don’t have the separation between work and life anymore, so the stress is constantly surrounding you.  Switching to a coworking space, even for just a few days a week, can help both your emotional and mental health regarding your job because it creates a boundary for you around your work and helps you literally leave work at the door until the next day.

You Need Fresh Inspiration

Businesses and clients change. If you are feeling stuck in your business and don’t know where to turn, it might be time to try something new.  Coworking spaces are great places for creativity and branching out to meet new people.  This influx of networking can help inspire you to come up with ideas you had never thought of before and get your business going again.

Your Costs are Increasing

It might seem counterintuitive but sometimes working from home can actually cost more than working in a coworking space.  Why? In your home office, you are responsible for all the expenses including things you might not think about such as having to buy printers and inks, shipping services, buying office furniture or devices you need for work, and more.  Coworking spaces are usually fully furnished and offer these amenities free of charge for their members.

You Need a Balance Between Work and Life

A common downfall of working from home is that a lot of people don’t have a good balance between work and life.  It’s hard to separate work from life when you can sit on your couch and answer emails.  A coworking space helps promote turning off the computer and relaxing that working from home can sometimes blur.  Also, coworking spaces can also offer amenities such as gyms or yoga sessions to help workers take a break during the work day and improve their productivity.

You Want to Put Up a Professional Image

From a small company to a corporate one, a business’s professional image is very important.  If you are a start-up, getting a professional phone number, address, and meeting rooms can help signal to potential clients that you are ready for the next step in growing your business. Coworking spaces can offer the professional look you are going for without breaking the bank to achieve it.


No matter if you are a startup business or a multinational corporation, Astra Business Center has coworking spaces for you. We have the tools and space necessary to support the expansion and success of any size business in the Calgary region.

It just might be the time to look at new coworking possibilities, such as the Astra Business Center, and move away from traditional office spaces with their lengthy leases, high risk, and high expense. We offer a variety of advantages to companies using our spaces, such as cleaning services, access to boardrooms, completely equipped offices, and more.

Come check out our coworking spaces today to discover how they can benefit your company!

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