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Here’s How Millennials Are Influencing Office Design in 2022


Owning an office is not just as simple as renting a space and setting up anymore.  With a number of different generations working together in one place, businesses can have a harder time making all their employees happy because they are all looking for other things.  Understanding your employees is the first step to having a more productive, overall more satisfied workforce that enjoys coming into the office every day.

What Millennial Workers Want in a Workplace

As now arguably the largest generation in the workforce, with Baby Boomers retiring in large numbers every year, millennials are the focus for businesses looking to attract new talent. Businesses looking to get more millennials on their team will have to change focus from what used to work to what the younger generations are demanding.  This includes everything from better-looking office spaces to more sophisticated technology that allows them to work quicker and more efficiently.

Open Floor Plans

Millennials care about being able to communicate with their colleagues in the office easily.  Having an easier time communicating, collaborating, and working in teams is very effective and popular among millennial workers.  Because they grew up at the same time as the Internet, they are always hungry for new information and enjoy a constant exchange of ideas between themselves and their peers.

Cubicles can still work in some office environments, however, many companies have found a mixed or completely different style of workspaces works better for their millennial employees.  Half walls or desks that are shared between two employees have found success in certain businesses.  Also, moveable furniture and walls work for offices that need separate spaces but also want to be more flexible when it comes time to collaborate.

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Most office workers know the dangers of sitting for eight hours a day at a computer.  Back pain, overall body discomfort, fatigue, eye strain, neck strain – the list goes on.  Although not the only group to be affected by these sedentary health effects (Baby Boomers and Generation X also suffer, if not more) millennials have taken it upon themselves to demand more ergonomic options in their workplaces.  Ergonomic seating and desks such as standing desks have become popular and in some cases necessary for attracting new talent.

More and Better Technology

Millennials grew up with technology and expect the best in the workplace.  More advanced workstations, better lighting, and higher quality hardware and software that help automate processes are all attractive to millennials.  As a working generation, they strive to have the best tools so they can make the most use of their time.  Offices that provide the best in hardware and software routinely see better productivity among millennials and have a higher return on their investment.

Workplace Amenities

Google isn’t the only business to offer millennials more amenities than previously seen in a workplace.  Many businesses realize that in order to attract better talent, they need to have better amenities available to those professionals while they are actually in the workplace.  These workplace amenities include numerous things such as:

●  Dog-friendly offices

●  Nap or game rooms

●  Fitness centers

●  Patios and greenspaces

Walkability to nearby restaurants, banks, or other shopping opportunities is also an attractive option for millennials.  If they can multitask on their lunch break so they can save time after work, they will most certainly take advantage. Millennials also enjoy outdoor spaces to spend lunches or breaks so they can enjoy fresh air or take a quick walk between working hours.

Natural light within the actual office itself is also a big selling point to millennials when looking for a job.  Studies have shown that natural light helps everyone, not just millennials, work and feel better.  Open spaces and more modern-looking offices will grab a millennial’s attention and help them feel better and more productive while they are working.  Instead of waiting for the minute, they clock out, they will feel more at home in their office space.

More Than a Job

Something that often gets overlooked when it comes to making a millennial happy within a workplace is that they view their jobs differently than other generations.  The physical setup of their office space is important to them, however, millennials don’t want their jobs to just be a source of income.  Many millennials seek jobs where they can feel like they are making a difference or contributing to the social well-being of society in some way.  Younger workers often mention that the purpose of the organization that they work for is important to them and a major consideration in the jobs they end up choosing.

This translates into the design of office spaces because it establishes that millennials are visually looking for an open environment.  They don’t want closed offices or spaces that make it hard to get around and communicate with their coworkers.  Millennials want to see a lot of open space so they get the feeling that they are free to move around within the office, discuss ideas with colleagues, and build relationships during working hours.

The Takeaways

Whether it is a millennial or another generation in the workplace, they all share similar needs.  These include:

●  Separate areas for private work and teamwork

●  Natural light inside the offices itself for better health and productivity

●  Spaces where people can rest and get away from work, at work

With so many different organizations trying to attract new talent, understanding the types of employees you are going for will help you set up your office place to be an attractive option for millennials.  Office design and amenities go a long way to winning over millennials.

Astra is a business center in Calgary that prides itself on affordable yet modern facilities for office professionals.  By offering a host of premium suites and private offices, they have everything you need to make the millennial workers on your team satisfied.  Lounges, collaborative conference rooms, copy rooms, and virtual receptionists are just a few of the amenities they offer businesses that reside within their facilities. Take a look at everything Astra can offer businesses looking to attract millennial talent in the Calgary area at

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