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Top Reasons to Use a Coworking Space

In a world where the job scene is becoming increasingly more flexible and remote, coworking spaces have been popping up to give entrepreneurs and freelancers alike a designated place to work.

After all, those that work for themselves benefit from coworking just like those in corporate. Many coworking spaces offer different amenities such as food, and drinks, as well as private and public areas to work. Among these basic perks, coworking spaces provide something much more valuable and worthwhile. Let’s discuss the top reasons to use a coworking space below.

Increased Productivity

Though breaking out of the corporate scene and working for oneself is generally seen as a good thing, it is not uncommon to see entrepreneurs and freelancers have a drop in their productivity levels. Having a dedicated workspace to go to every time you need to get some work done teaches your brain that there is a place for work and a place for leisure.

Have you ever experienced working from home and then struggling to relax or sleep afterwards? That is because your brain is still in work mode. According to your brain, you have not left your workplace, resulting in you working longer and burning out faster.

Working at home can also affect your productivity the other way around, distraction. We do a lot of things at home. There are snacks, pets, children, games, TV, chores, and so on. It is all too easy to get distracted by other stimulants while at home, thus resulting in you getting less work done than you wanted to.

A lot of time is saved and more work is done when you make the decision to work at a coworking space. It helps independents maintain their own work-life balance, which has been proven to increase productivity.

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Network and Collaboration Opportunities

If you are reading this article, chances are you are working for yourself or something close to it. Not taking advantage of a coworking space could be doing yourself a great disservice in your professional career. For one, if you are a one-man (or woman) show, there is no way you are socializing with coworkers or like-minded individuals.

You might say, “I can just go to a cafe or a library to work to socialize.” That is true, and it is nice to get a change of scenery, but are you really socializing? This is why coworking spaces are great for independent workers, they help open doors for you.

Being around others that have the same mindset or goals as you can facilitate networking and collaboration, doing wonders for your professional development. It helps get your name out in the world, helps you improve your skills, and make valuable connections. No cafe can do that.

Inspiration and Creativity Boost

Inspiration is fueled by creativity, and where do we get our inspiration from? Other people. It could be something someone said, photographed, or wrote that becomes the catalyst of our next big idea. Just like coworking spaces help you get to know other people in your field, it also helps you get inspired by those people.

Humans are happiest and feel most fulfilled when interacting with other humans. It’s biological, and it’s how we thrive both socially and creatively. Coworking spaces are equipped for that natural need. From large windows, tables, comfortable seating, and fuel for your body, spaces like these are designed to facilitate round table situations to get those creative juices flowing.

Brings Structure to Your Day

As mentioned above, your brain needs structure to function optimally. Imagine being able to wake up and go to a space specifically designed to help you work at your best. You grab your coffee and lunch there, socialize with others in your field, and go home when you’re done. Doesn’t that sound a lot more structured than doing it all at home?

Leave home as it is, your home. It should be a place where you feel the most relaxed and the most free to unwind, however that looks for you. That peace is often disrupted when you introduce a whole new dynamic that requires a completely different mindset. Coworking spaces help maintain that structured work-life balance and make it easier for your brain to switch between the two.

Prevents Loneliness

Independent work can get lonely really fast, especially when there is a significant workload. We’ve all heard the term, “workaholic,” or heard someone say “I am swamped with work!” When you become too busy to even see your own friends and family, there is a problem and you are well on your way to a downward spiral that becomes increasingly more difficult to get out of.

This is a point that piggybacks off of the networking, collaboration, and inspiration points. When you have those aspects of your life fulfilled, there is a much lesser chance of loneliness.

Provides Flexible Working Options

Freelancers aren’t the only ones that can benefit from a coworking space, even teams and small businesses can make great use of them as well. Perhaps you do not yet have a functional office area, or you would like a professional place to host your client meetings. Others use coworking spaces to provide their employees with an additional place to work or use it as a centralized location to receive business-related mailings.

Whatever your reasoning for wanting to use a coworking space, private use or public use, it all comes down to actually choosing one. If you are located in Calgary, Astra Business Centre is a five-star option (literally). This coworking space offers both flexible and affordable office spaces and common areas, so you’ll be able to rent a space that is fully tailored to your needs.

Further, you’ll be able to get acquainted with coworkers and those you share the space with located in the break room, enjoy a turnkey office complete with plenty of growth opportunities, and meet clients in their designated board rooms.

Of course, no coworking space is complete without access to important resources. Enjoy complete access to free cleaning services, a virtual receptionist to handle your calls and mail, printing services, and more available 24/7.

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