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Where Can You Find Office Space For Rent In Calgary?

You have already figured everything out. You want to start a new company. Congratulations! You have taken the big leap forward in the corporate world. You’ve done everything that needs to be done: budgeting, paperwork, finding staff, you name it. 

But, there is still one thing left. The hardest item to find: An adequate facility where you can develop your commercial activities that both suit your needs and is wallet-friendly. In Calgary, that is becoming a rarer finding with the passing of time

Nevertheless, to each problem, there is a silver lining. Why bother renting a full office of your own, of which you’ll likely use half of the rooms most of the time when you can find exactly what you need in a scalable and more efficient way? We have the answer for you: it is shared office space.

What Is Shared Office Space?

Shared office spaces are stations rented by several types of decentralized workers who desire to carry out commercial activities at a given place, usually rented for rather shorter time periods. They are large workplaces where many people gather to work. These can range from sole freelancers and gig workers to members of a startup and established companies. 

There is a surge of larger companies that are opting for these renting formats, as they don’t always need a physical place to gather. This is very frequent in the IT world, particularly where remote jobs exist by the thousands.

Shared office spaces often cater to a demographic of clients that not only looks for a spacious, brick-and-mortar office to hold meetings, but also a place where amenities are present, as well as bonus features.

What Are the Advantages of Shared Office Spaces?

In general, the benefits of shared office spaces are several. They mostly offer flexibility to companies and individuals that don’t need actual offices year-round but for particular periods. 

The positive aspect of this modality is that it becomes a win-win situation for both parties: on the one hand, the lessee only pays for what they are going to use, including the provided services, and the lessor earns a stable clientele of people willing to hire their services in the future.

This poses a great opportunity for you to get rid of unwanted additional costs such as deposits, taxes, and other overheads that take power away from your company’s budget. Most of the time, you can adapt spaces, plans, and costs to your needs at the time. This also makes for an amazing opportunity to scale the business more efficiently, as you can morph the size of the required space more adeptly.

Another bonus is that shared office spaces come with several amenities that make you save time and money, such as shared kitchenettes, installed and functional high-speed Wi-Fi connection, telephone lines, mailing service, and even the possibility of entering the facility 24/7. You are certainly aware that if you want to have all of these services, you have to waste precious time and money on hiring them and getting things going with traditional methods. With shared office spaces, this is an inconvenience of yesterday.

What Are the Disadvantages of Shared Office Spaces?

As with everything, there are still some minor downsides to renting shared office spaces. Some of them are closeness to competitors and possible environmental distractions.

Nowadays the competitive landscape is fierce, and companies are going out of their way to gain any type of competitive edge they can get. Some of them reach the extent of corporate spying to conquer this. You have to be wary about this, as it is bound to happen. The best way to fend off these behaviours is to rent conference rooms in office spaces if you need to delve into delicate subjects.

In regards to the domain, it is a good idea to find a place that suits your work rhythm and work ethic. Some companies prefer loud, active environments, while others prefer rather reserved workplaces.

Our general advice is before you rent a place, decide if the values of said location align with what you want for yourself or your company and if your needs are going to be met at the soon-to-be headquarters.

Why You Should Choose Shared Office Spaces


When it comes to flexibility, shared office spaces are unmatched. If you need to temporarily increase the magnitude of the taken-up space, you can increase the number of rooms. If you require the opposite, you can oblige. If you demand no rooms at all, you don’t rent, since you can even pay by the hour, in many situations. It is as easy as that.

When addressing plans and fees, these are highly adaptable too. If you need to rent for longer periods, you can easily do so. If you only need to rent for a couple of days, you don’t have to pay for the whole month, as you can only pay the proportional money amount.

Overall, it becomes a much more sound option in terms of costs if your idea is to rent offices occasionally, and also decide to stay the course regarding budget, without having to resign comfort.


The flexible nature of these agreements presents itself as the perfect opportunity for you to scale your business exactly how you want to, without having to waste any extra cent on spaces or services you won’t be using.


A perk people usually forgo about shared office spaces is that you gain amazing networking opportunities that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to establish had you decided to rent individual offices or not rent offices at all.

Many great opportunities for sponsorships, collaborations, merges, tutorships, apprenticeships, and even partnerships can happen in places like these. Also, you are likely to acquire newfound skills that will also benefit your business. By only being in a shared office space setting you already have the upper hand in the business world!

Where Can You Find Office Space For Rent In Calgary?

If you are in Calgary and want to find office space for rent, Astra Business Centre is the place for you. We are a company that offers turnkey shared office spaces for individuals, startups, and well-established companies. Among the services we offer, you can find these:

  • Fully functional, furnished rooms
  • Free, unrestricted access to high-quality Wi-Fi Internet
  • Full-colour printers
  • Flexible renting terms
  • 24/7 access to our offices
  • Mail handling by professional receptionists
  • Unlimited boardroom access with offices with a capacity of up to 10 people
  • Free cleaning services
  • Virtual receptionist

You can find 150-square feet rooms for $450 a month, and virtual offices for $85 a month. For further inquiries, contact us at

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