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Reasons Why You Should Rent Office Space This Year

You may have heard the popular saying: it is crazy to expect different results when always trying the same things. You can either be an aspiring entrepreneur, a seasoned businessman, or a freelancer. Yet we all sometimes stumble upon the same blocks on the regular: lack of productivity, inability to find proper work-life balance, increasing costs, and many other intangibles that influence the quality of work output.

Although these aspects feel heavy at times, it doesn’t mean that there is no solution for it. At given moments, all you need is a minor adjustment of your setting. Here we will show you why you should consider renting office space this year.

It’s Affordable

Cost management is one of the key elements you need to master whenever you decide to embark on a new business venture. You can see that they have to be considered at all times, given that any small changes can substantially negatively alter the balance sheet. 

When you rent an office, paying for the rent is not the only thing you have to worry about, as there are other overheads and operating costs such as the Internet and other services you have to ponder. All of that is money you are not getting back, for the most part.

With shared office spaces, all of these additional concerns go out the window. This rent format is risk-averse and cost-effective. The main reason is that many upfront costs, as well as fixed costs, are not charged as you only pay for the space you will be using, which additionally comes with all of the shenanigans you need for an office to properly function.

As an extra perk, many shared office spaces come with added features like shared kitchenettes, free coffee machines, networking events, and top-notch Wi-Fi connections. All you need to do is pay for the chosen plan and show up for work.

Environment Is Key

Shared office spaces can give you that kick-in the behind you need! Struggling with motivation is a common factor among workers, especially freelancers. Coworking places usually grant access to a business culture for only a couple of bucks that multi-million dollar companies spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a yearly basis to create. 

You can seize the rewards of a collaborative environment, where many professionals from different places and educational backgrounds are willing to share their expertise together to become the best version of themselves.

As you may already know in an intuitive fashion, the place you work has a significant impact on your productivity and potential for success. Whether you are a freelancer or belong to a crew of professionals, renting shared office spaces will encourage focus and creativity, opposite to working in loud cafés or at home.

Just by physically switching locations, your focus will shift towards work as well, hence getting more done and consequently achieving better long-term results.

Better Business Scalability

If you own a startup company, you acknowledge how intimidating it can be to properly dimension how big it should be when starting out — from the number of employees to the required space for operating efficiently. When renting shared office spaces, it is much easier to gauge all these variables, as you can either size up or down depending on the company’s needs at a determined point in time.

Since you only pay for what you use, you have many possibilities for scalability in the shared office realm. Due to the fact that many shared offices provide added amenities that are included in the monthly costs, you just need to find an adequate plan and pay for it. The extra benefit is that you usually have many plans that are tailored to your needs, as each company is run differently. In some cases, you can even pay by the hour!

Networking Opportunities Right Up the Alley

When you work in these settings, it is very easy to find new opportunities by just being there in the mix. Many entrepreneurs hire shared working offices not only for budget reasons but also because of the opportunities that stem from being in these places. Chances for company diversification, tutoring, and partnerships are all a probability to be reckoned with in shared offices.

How does this happen? Very easy. You can just be on your lunch break having a chat with another professional, which can ostensibly lead to great opportunities. The natural collaborative vibe generated in these places makes them great locations to expand your network.

Collabs Are in Demand

Because of the naturally lonesome nature of remote work, or the dreadful feelings of uncertainty that originate from starting a brand new company, it is very predictable that you will not feel inclined to work with others at times. However, collaborations with like-minded peers can enhance your results, as they usually provide ideas that you wouldn’t have thought about on your own.

Shared office spaces offer a collaborating climate in an organic way, which will revamp your company’s performance (or your own if you are a freelancer) both in short and in the long run.

Paperwork and Bureaucracy Are Drastically Reduced

Paperwork is one of the top items of pesky things to be done by company owners. It takes away valuable working time, and it does little to no good to the company and its integrants. When you rent shared office spaces, you don’t have to worry about inherent taxes and extra bureaucratic procedures that come with renting regular brick-and-mortar offices. When renting shared offices, a third party handles this for you.

You Get More Space Only When You Need It

If you need to host a larger-than-usual meeting, you can rent a larger conference room only for that purpose for a set amount of time. You don’t have to pay the overhead costs of having a spare room that you rarely use. That can lead to unwanted excess costs that can be nullified with the rental of shared office space.

Make the Most Out of Your Budget!

If you are in Calgary, you can find affordable, premium shared office spaces for rent at Astra Business Centre. We offer high-end offices, for the best price in the area, with numerous amenities that stand out from the rest. Visit for more information about our plans and pricing.

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