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Why Hybrid Work Is the Way Forward

Nowadays, companies are becoming more remote. With the pandemic, a new model of work has become popular: the hybrid model. This working model consists of employees going into the office a few days a week for a specific purpose. The hybrid model is a great opportunity for companies to widen their talent pool and give workers a more flexible schedule. However, you need to make sure that this model is the right option for you and your employees.

What is Hybrid Work?

Hybrid work is a flexible approach that allows employees to split their time between working in the office and working from home. Depending on your business’s needs, you can allow it to be more or less flexible. Here are some examples of hybrid work:

  •   Hybrid at-will consists of employees choosing which days they want to come into the office.
  •   Hybrid split-week consists of the company assigning specific days for employees to work in the office and at home, depending on their team or function.
  •   Hybrid manage-scheduling consists of managers choosing which days their team comes into the office.
  •   Hybrid mix is a mixture of all three options.

Benefits of Hybrid Work

The hybrid work model has many benefits, which can help employees and employers. Here are some of them:

hybrid work modelFlexible Schedules

Previously, employees would have to work between 9 am and 5 pm every workday. With a hybrid model, employees can have a more flexible schedule and even choose where they want to work from. While one employee might work better in the morning, others might get more productive if they get a later start to their day. Additionally, hybrid work can help employees find a better balance between personal life and work. This allows them to be happier with their lives, leading to less chance of burnout, more time to spend with family, and more productive work.

Hire Talent Around the World

A hybrid or completely remote model can help widen the talent pool for your company. This is because you can hire people from around the world and find the actual best fit for the role. Additionally, this can lead to your organization having a competitive advantage and can help you move into a new market.

Save On Real Estate Expenses

By adopting a hybrid work model, fewer people are going to be at the office. Therefore, you can even have a smaller office and cut down on costs to invest in something else. There are also co-working spaces that allow employees to get together if you focus more on being a remote model. Astra Business Center offers premium suites and private offices for rent. We have fully furnished units with free high-speed internet, boardroom access, a kitchen common area, weekly cleaning services, and much more.

How to Adapt to Hybrid Work

If you are interested in adapting to the hybrid model, it is important to take a few steps in preparation. Here is what you should do:

Get Feedback from Employees

It is important to understand that some employees may thrive working from home. Meanwhile, others may not be as inclined to work from the comfort of their home. Therefore, if you are planning on adopting a hybrid work model, it is important to survey employees to understand how they feel about the change. You can ask them how they would like to spend their day at the office, how many days a week they would prefer, and whether they would prefer to go to the office or visit a co-working facility. This will allow you to assess the best model for your employees to have a good performance at work.

Create a Flexible Infrastructure

Hybrid models can help bridge the gap in communication and interaction that remote work brings. However, it is important to invest in technology that will help this communication flow easily. Therefore, you might need to invest in technology like remote communication tools and on-site video conferencing equipment. You can also establish company-wide communication rules to encourage leaders to set clear expectations for their teams. Not to mention, you should craft an office schedule to manage workplace traffic and give employees flexibility.

Invest in Company Culture 

Since hybrid work can consist of employees visiting the office fewer times, it can hinder the company culture. Therefore, you need to find ways to reinforce company culture the time they do come into the office. Therefore, you should always plan to have a few events after work, like happy hours or wellness events. Additionally, you should also think about events that can be done online for workers that are remote-only.

Create a Good Workplace Experience

Since employees can work from the comfort of their homes, it is important to make sure that every day that they have to come into the office is worthwhile. Therefore, employees should have a clear understanding of what they will be doing at the office and why they are needed, whether it is for a brainstorming session on a new project or a meeting about the progress of a project. The most important is that the employee has a good and purposeful workplace experience.

If you are planning on continuing to be remote, you can rent a virtual office with Astra Business Center. Our services include a virtual receptionist, private mailbox rental, and mail handling and forwarding. Additionally, you will have access to boardrooms for meetings and presentations at a central location that is easily accessible to guests. We also offer premium suites and private offices for rent. We have fully furnished units with free high-speed internet, boardroom access, a kitchen common area, weekly cleaning services, and much more.


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