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What Can a Calgary Business Centre Offer?

Calgary business centres are places that provide their clients with a variety of advantages in the Calgary area. Your business’s performance can be enhanced by having a professional location that offers you security and the amenities provided by a business centre. Is getting office space in a Calgary business centre a good solution for your business? Keep reading to learn what a business centre can offer to help make your business successful.

What is a Business Centre?

A business centre is a commercial building that is expertly maintained and provides complete company infrastructure for short- to medium-term periods. Clients can select from a wide selection of configurable choices depending on their unique space and infrastructure needs. 

It is a partnership without a commitment to the long term. A business centre is a fantastic choice if you require short-term office space. The truth is that entering and leaving are both simple processes.

Everything you might need to operate your firm most effectively is available in a business centre. So, a local business centre has everything you need if you need copiers, fax machines, printers, scanners, modern furniture, décor, or high-speed internet connectivity.

What is the Advantage of a Business Centre?

Flexibility is one of the main benefits that business centres provide. Establishing your firm in a business centre entails, above all else, saving money in comparison to a conventional lease. It goes without saying that a business centre’s location should be as convenient as possible for its clients.

Having a respectable business address seems to be the most practical reason to have a business centre out of all the reasons. Your client can trust you and verify the legitimacy of your business when you have a valid address. The best places for business centres to be found are in the heart of a city or upscale areas. They frequently grant you access to a unique address that will be a great promotional tool for your firm. Receiving a client, a supplier, a potential partner, or even having your firm headquartered there enhances the reputation of your enterprise.

The perfect location for a business centre combines numerous benefits: a recognizable address, a hub for connections, and a conducive atmosphere for growing your company.

shared office space calgaryWhat Amenities Do Business Centres Offer?

As previously discussed, business centres provide various services that make them unique. We shall list a few of the attributes of business centres below:

  • They offer spacious, modern interiors.
  • Business centres maintain the cleanliness of the surrounding areas and spaces.
  • IT and maintenance support personnel.
  • They provide reliable Internet access.
  • Meeting spaces and coffee shops are available.
  • There can be a schedule for food and drinks at these locations.
  • They are safe, secure places.
  • They have projectors, scanners, and other office supplies.

Accessibility and Security

It is hardly unexpected that business centres have 24-hour security, given the variety of amenities they offer. These centres include security personnel and surveillance equipment to supervise and keep an eye on each space. It should be mentioned that security precautions are taken to keep clients safe and secure.

Astra Business Centre has 24/7 secure access to our offices using state-of-the-art security solutions. These allow you cloud-based access control anytime you need to access the facilities.

Furnished Spaces

Business centres have the advantage of having premises ready for you to get to work. It is crucial to understand this since you are also freeing up time to begin your core business activities in addition to saving money. These centres typically have furniture, internet connections, telephones, and other tools to aid you in doing your work.


In a business centre, you can select the lease period that best suits your company’s needs, unlike a standard lease, which may hold the company for an extended period. By offering you the option to change the rental size and even area based on your company’s volume and the size of your staff, business centres can gradually adjust the facilities to your business. This guarantees that it will be pretty simple to tailor your office space to your business.

Astra Business Centre has flexible terms for all our office spaces. These run month-to-month and allow you to expand or reduce your space as needed to fit your business. Our business centre provides the ultimate solution for flexible office spaces in Calgary.

Commercial Printing and Copying

The business industry consists of many proposals, contracts, agreements, and marketing materials. A business centre offers all necessary equipment, including copiers, scanners, and even printers, to ensure that users with tight deadlines may access all the devices they need from any location they choose with the utmost comfort.

Boardroom Rentals

Meeting rooms are one of the amenities the business centre offers. The operators of these businesses provide all the tools required for a successful conference in these meeting rooms. Additionally, the business centre can modify the equipment if the client requests it to suit their requirements. The conference rooms are usually in modern settings and are outfitted with cutting-edge technology to help you run a smooth meeting.

Front Desk and Mail Handling

A central feature at many business centres is a front desk receptionist who can greet guests and direct them to the proper places. This gives your clients an excellent first impression and helps them generate trust when visiting your business.

At Astra Business Centre, we have a dedicated front desk staff with a professional receptionist ready to handle your packages and direct your clients to the proper places. Your clients will get a personal, professional welcome without the need for you to hire someone yourself.


Without the proper guidance, renting a suitable and comfortable office space can be a challenging undertaking. We at Astra Business Centre give you the perfect Calgary business centre for everyday business activities. We offer various services and flexible, professional locations to match your needs. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are an investor, are starting a business, or need a relaxing and modern workspace.

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