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The Importance of a Business Centre For Small Business Owners

Owning a business can be overwhelming, especially if you are trying to find a physical location that does not cost too much money and has all the amenities that your business needs. Luckily, business centers offer a location for a professional business address, kitchen and lounge areas, private offices, flexible terms, meeting rooms, a reception, a copy center, and even mail handling. Whether you simply want a virtual office for your mail to go to or a private space for your employees to work in, a business center is sure to help you. Not to mention, meeting with clients in-person should be at a crowded coffee shop. A business center offers meeting rooms that will help your business look much more professional.

What is a Business Center?

Business centers offer office spaces for any business or individual who would like a more productive setting to work in. When looking into business centers, it is important to find one that is in a central location that is easy for your employees and clients to access. Additionally, business centers are a great option for new businesses, since it won’t be as costly as leasing a building.

Amenities of a Good Business Center

A good business center should feature amenities that can help you and your employees feel comfortable and have everything you need to get work done. Therefore, business centers have fully furnished office spaces and meeting rooms. Additionally, they often have cleaning services, reception, mail handling, good internet, flexible terms, and kitchen and lounge areas.

Benefits of a Business Center

By choosing to have a space in a business center, you are opening new doors for your organization to grow. These spaces are more cost-efficient than choosing to lease a building for your business, especially if you have few employees. Additionally, it allows small businesses to network and have a professional physical address rather than their home. Not to mention, employees will be more productive by having a place to fully concentrate on their work.

Networking Opportunities

One of the most appealing benefits of a business center is that you will be able to connect with other small businesses that also rent a space there. Many business owners like the ability to connect with other organizations to build a network and continue to grow. Additionally, this allows you to co-organize events, meetups, and workshops. In turn, it will help spread the word about your business and possibly expand your target audience.

Physical Business Address

Running a small business from your home can lead to security issues. With a business center, you will have a central location as your business’s physical address. Not to mention, your business will seem much more professional when you meet clients in a beautiful business center with all the amenities you need to run a smooth meeting instead of going to a busy coffee shop. Additionally, business centers offer virtual offices. These offices are mainly a physical address and mail handling service. They give you the security and privacy you need as a small business owner. Additionally, they will keep track of all your mail, and you will have access to everything online 24/7.

rent office space Calgary (2)Cost Efficient

Leasing an entire building when you have less than 30 employees can be costly for your business. Not to mention, you will have to also take care of hiring a cleaning crew and maintenance, and you will have to furnish everything. With a business center, you do not need to worry about overhead costs since everything is included in your monthly payment. Additionally, you do not have to commit to a five-year lease. Business centers offer extremely flexible plans that allow you to rent month-to-month or any amount of time best fits your business.

Improve Productivity

Working from home gives us a lot of freedom to work from wherever we want. However, it can be a double-edged sword. Although you can work from the comfort of your home, there can be a lot of distractions around you. While it is convenient that you can wake up five minutes before work and just grab your laptop in bed, it can also be distracting and not good for your health. Many have attested that working in bed can lead to bad nights of sleep. This is because your brain will correlate work with being in bed. A business center offers all the amenities that you need to have a productive day at work. Not to mention, it allows you to talk to your coworkers and talk through any issues you might be having with the task at hand. Additionally, commuting to work can help you establish a boundary between work and leisure time.

Astra Business Centre Has Everything You Need

Astra Business Centre private and virtual office services. We are located in Calgary’s Beltline Design District, offering your employees and clients an optimal central location to meet. Our fully furnished private offices start at $450 a month. If you are looking into renting a virtual office, our prices start at just $85 a month. Additionally, you can rent one of our meeting rooms by the hour or for the day. Our rates start at $35 an hour, or $150 a day. We also offer shared spaces and amenities, including a copy center, kitchen and lounge spaces, staffed reception, and five modern boardrooms to accommodate up to ten people. Our virtual office services also offer a virtual receptionist, private mailbox rental, and mail handling and forwarding. Additionally, you will have access to boardrooms for meetings and presentations at a central location that is easily accessible to guests. Contact us if you want to learn more about our services.

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