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Should You Rent an Office Space for Your Small Business?

The post-pandemic world has become a world where working from home is the new normal. While many of us can be very productive at home, some can only thrive when physically away from distractions. Not to mention, there are some aspects of working in an office that remote work can’t replace. If any of your employees have been expressing that they would prefer to work in person, or their performance has been lower, you might benefit from a business centre.

A business centre offers a wide variety of services to help businesses have a physical address and meet with clients. Additionally, these places often have a private office for rent, where your employees can work peacefully without any interruptions. Here are the reasons why you should rent an office space for your small business:

What is a Private Office Space?

A private office is a space within a shared office that you can lock. It is rented exclusively to a single business. These spaces allow employees to have some peace and quiet when working in a shared environment like a business centre or coworking space. If you rent a private office at a business centre, it will be fully furnished and offer you other services and amenities.

The Benefits of Renting an Office Space

As a business owner, you need to make sure that your employees are working at their full potential. While many places have gone fully remote post-pandemic, companies still need to acknowledge the fact that some workers are more productive in an office environment. Additionally, a private office space will provide your business with a professional physical address to meet with clients and have mail delivered.

Save on Overhead Costs

Renting a private office in a business centre will be more affordable than leasing a commercial building or buying property. Everything is already included in your monthly payment to the business centre. This will often include a receptionist, all the furniture, high-speed internet, and common areas like a kitchen and lounge.

Flexible Terms

Leasing a commercial building is a long-term commitment. As a small business owner, you know that things can change quickly and expansion is inevitable. Luckily, business centres often offer flexible terms to rent their space. Whether you choose to move to a bigger private office, switch to a virtual office, or terminate the services completely, they can understand every aspect of a small business’s journey.

rent office space Calgary (1)More Privacy

Coworking spaces have become very popular after the pandemic. This is because many employees like to have a designated place to go to get work done. However, having too many people around can still be distracting. With a private office, you will not have to worry about that. The space is completely private and allows you to take care of delicate issues without involving too many people.

Boost Productivity

While some employees might enjoy working from home, others might find it too distracting. Therefore, renting a private space or looking into a coworking space can be helpful to boost productivity. With a private office, employees will become even more productive since they will not be constantly interrupted or distracted by what is going on around them. Additionally, the atmosphere of an office encourages communication among employees, allowing them to talk through and problem-solve together.

What Can a Business Centre Offer?

A business centre can offer a variety of amenities and services that can be a good fit for your company. Astra Business Centre is located in a central location in Calgary’s Beltline Design District. Location is a vital aspect since your employees and clients should be able to easily get to the office. Additionally, we offer fully furnished workspaces, free internet access, free cleaning services, a flexible lease, boardrooms, a kitchen and common area, a virtual receptionist, mail handling, and 24/7 security. Other business centres can have other amenities that might be helpful to your organization. However, Astra’s services and amenities cover most of what an organization might need. Our newly renovated reception offers free coffee, and tenants can use the copy centre for any last-minute printing.

Private Office Rental

If you want to rent a physical office, Astra Business Centre offers safe and affordable spaces for your organization. Starting at $450 a month, our office spaces are around 150 sq. ft. and fully furnished. We offer 24/7 security, free fiber internet access, free cleaning services, mail handling, virtual receptionist, and flexible leasing.

Virtual Office Rental

At Astra Business Centre, our virtual office rentals start at $85 a month. It includes a receptionist to greet guests, mail handling and forwarding, access to boardrooms, and a prime location. You can also pay extra for a virtual receptionist and private mailbox rental. This is a great option if your business is not ready for a private office, but you want a professional physical address.


If you need to rent one of our boardrooms, you can do so by the hour or for the entire day. By simply booking a room online, our rates start at $35 an hour, or $150 a day. You have access to our fully equipped and furnished boardroom that fits four to 10 people.

Astra Business Centre offers everything your employees and business need to get work done and continue to grow. Your private office includes access to the copy centre, high-speed internet, and full amenities. Additionally, you can access the space any time of the day, on any day of the week. All our spaces feature modern furniture and our receptionist is sure to professionally greet your clients when they visit for a meeting in one of our boardrooms. At Astra, we want to make sure your business thrives and your employees work efficiently. Contact us if you want to learn more about us.

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