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Reasons to Go Back to the Office After the Pandemic

With the pandemic, we saw the pros and cons of working remotely. Many companies are starting to go back to in-office work, which can be beneficial for employees to stay productive. Additionally, working in the office with others can help establish a workplace culture and allows for more collaboration between employees. However, it is important to slowly transition back into in-office work. 

Workplace Culture

If an employee has just been hired, or all they’ve known was remote work, it can be hard for them to understand the company’s culture. Working in an actual office allows employees to understand the culture of the company much better by interacting with others. Additionally, remote onboarding can be difficult for people who are new to the working world and transitioning from school to a job. Getting back to the office can also help new employees become more productive since they won’t have the daily distractions of working from home. 

Collaboration with Other Employees

Work can be much easier if you have someone you can collaborate with. Working remotely can take this collaboration experience away from workers, which can lead to burnout. A lot of information sharing occurs through short, informal conversations between people over the course of a normal workday. The extra effort required when working from home can lead to employees not sharing these conversations. 

shared office space Calgary (1)More of a Sense of Purpose

Working in the office can also help employees feel more purposeful. Remote work can be done any time of the day, which can lead to employees being less productive than they would be at the office. By going to the office and having everyone around working on something, you are more likely to also feel the need to be productive. Overall, working in the office with others gives you a sense of purpose. This is because you have to finish things and meet deadlines within the time that you have in the office. 

Transitioning Back to Work After the Pandemic

If you want your employees to go back to the office, it is important that they feel safe doing so. Therefore, you should find a way to slowly transition back to working in the office full-time. Therefore, starting with a hybrid work model and slowly adding more in-office days can help employees feel comfortable with getting back to how things were before the pandemic. Additionally, you should consider the office design to make sure employees feel comfortable and wanted in the office. 

Hybrid Work

Hybrid work is a flexible approach that allows employees to split their time between working in the office and working from home. Depending on your business’s needs, you can allow it to be more or less flexible. Here are some examples of hybrid work:

  • Hybrid at-will consists of employees choosing which days they want to come into the office.
  • Hybrid split-week consists of the company assigning specific days for employees to work in the office and at home depending on their team or function.
  • Hybrid manage-scheduling consists of managers choosing which days their team comes into the office.
  • Hybrid mix is a mixture of all three options

Consider the Office Space Design

The space where your employees’ work can have a huge impact on many factors, including health, morale, inclusion, creativity, collaboration, productivity, and purpose. A well-designed space that allows employees to personalize it and gives them the proper tools to continue to work efficiently can reduce burnout and keep them more focused. Additionally, if your employees give you feedback on changes to the office design and you implement them, they will feel appreciated. 

Use Natural Light & Nature

There is nothing better than natural lighting. It is essential for our circadian rhythm, and it can boost happiness and vitamin D intake. If you cannot install more windows in your office space, try adding reflective furniture that can help amplify the daylight. Additionally, if you have good lighting in your office, plants can be a great addition. They can help boost creativity, and productivity, and clean the air. Not to mention, some low-maintenance plants and some plants require little light to be added to those darker parts of the office. 

Consider Layout

Whether you are planning to rent an office space for your new company or renovate your current space, it is important to consider the needs and challenges of you, your team, and your business. It is also important to factor in the company’s culture, personalities, different working styles, and budget. You need to create a space that will allow employees to feel comfortable and allow them to work in a way that helps them be more productive. 

Create Opportunities to Take a Breather

Part of working hard and delivering quality work is also taking a little break to relax. This mental recharge can help your employees feel less burned out in the long run. Additionally, many people like to talk through any problem-solving with others while grabbing a snack or a coffee. Therefore, it is important to purposefully create areas in your office that allows workers to walk around or take sit with a co-worker. 

Rethink Amenities

An office can provide different amenities, depending on your budget and the size of your company. Some companies provide classes, gaming rooms, and much more, while others can only provide a kitchen with snacks. No matter the number of amenities you can provide, try to make them a good option for your employees. For example, if you have a snack machine, try providing healthy snacks that can boost workers’ energy rather than junk food that can make them feel sleepy later in the day. 

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