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How to Find the Best Shared Office Space Near You to Boost Your Productivity

Searching for shared office space near you? Finding a suitable shared office space is not an easy task. Although highly convenient, if you do not find a place where you feel comfortable, it is very unlikely that you will be able to be productive. Hence, you always need to ponder several variables before you choose one.

Here you will be shown some guidelines to know what to look for in a shared office space, from amenities to perks and atmosphere so that you can boost your productivity to new levels! If you keep these in mind, you will find the best place for your money.

Shared Office Spaces? What Are They?

Shared office spaces are places you can conjointly rent alongside several other people that do not own an office to work there. They can be quite handy for companies and autonomous workers that either want to reduce costs or simply want new ways to keep themselves engaged to work.

You just pay for the amount of time you want to use it—it can range from a couple of hours to a full year—to fulfill your spatial office needs. As a bonus, these places usually have other amenities such as high-speed Internet, coffee machines, boardrooms, and many others that you would not even sometimes find in your own office.

What Are They Useful for?

They are useful for many objectives: you can hold meetings, work, interact with other colleagues—both from your field of expertise and outside of it—use them as a form to escape from stagnancy, and several other purposes.

Moreover, if you are a company owner that has several employees under your wing, you can even work with them there, as these spaces are not only restricted to individuals. In fact, many special prices and bonus services are provided regularly to companies that choose shared office spaces as their headquarters.

share office space calgary

What Are Some of the Advantages That Come With Shared Office Spaces?

As you can predict, the advantages are numerous. Here are some of the following:

Networking opportunities

You can encounter different beneficial arrangements and work opportunities because of being exposed to a work-dedicated environment.

More Flexible Terms

You have more flexibility with these agreements than with your regular office rent. You have more space to decide the length of the contract and the conditions you desire.

Services and Amenities

With regular offices, most of the time, you have to restrain yourself to what the location and the rented place per se have to offer. With shared office spaces, you can have many amenities that you would not be able to access otherwise.

Educational Opportunities

Shared office spaces are also amazing opportunities for professional growth. Mentoring, apprenticeships, partnerships, and many other relations are possible thanks to these types of offices.

How to Find the Best Shared Office Space?

Provided you want to get the best place possible, these are some elements you have to watch out for:

  • Amenities

Standard equipment can be found in any shared office space. However, extra items such as chargers, projectors, whiteboards, printers, and others can sometimes be charged separately, if they even have them at all. 

Make sure that some of these bonuses are included in the costs. Premium shared office spaces also come with showers, private access, and kitchens, to name a few.

  • Environment

A favorable environment is paramount for increased productivity. Is it a noisy facility? Is it cold? Is it hot? Is it too humid? Does it have an A/C system? All these questions are important when considering overall working conditions.

  • Atmosphere

Are the people working or is it all fun and games? Is it a place where people are actually focused on accomplishing their commercial goals, or is it meant to mingle? Beware of the atmosphere, as it can be detrimental to your development if the place does not suit your personality.

  • Privacy

Privacy can be an aspect to ponder, especially regarding the habitual need for businesses to discuss sensitive matters. Is there a space to hold private meetings? Is there any lack of privacy? Ask yourself these questions. If you feel that privacy cannot be ensured in the place of interest, move on.

  • Flexibility

Business scalability is what many entrepreneurs strive for. The fact is that it can sometimes be elusive. There are some inputs and overheads you can’t simply skimp on. 

Yet, if you believe that coworking facilities are a viable option for you and your company, you have to analyze how flexible the agreements are. If your idea is to use a shared office space to reduce costs temporarily, signing a one-year contract is not the best option for you. Overall flexibility in hiring terms can be an indicator of a worthy and business-savvy place.

  • Internet Speed

We live in the 21st century. The Internet has become as much of a basic need as water or electricity. No good coworking places have bad Internet. You can assume that if something as fundamental as the Internet for a coworking facility malfunctions, the rest of the services will be as bad—or even worse—than that.

  • Additional perks (food, drinks, etc.)

It is an acknowledged fact that attention is in the details. Small pluses such as free food or drinks add to the experience. Details count, especially when referring to shared office spaces.

  • Accessibility

A shared office space can be a goldmine, but it will be no good if it is hard to get there. You may have a personal vehicle, but you have to consider that many of your employees may rely on public transportation services to get to the facility. It is relevant to find a spot that everyone can have easy access to.

  • Availability

This one weighs if you are more of a night owl. Does the office work 24/7? Are there specific times when you can’t enter the rented space? Is there a right of admission? Availability can sometimes be forgotten. Double-check that you do not.

  • Security

Is it a safe place? If your belongings run the risk of being robbed, ensure that the company has some sort of insurance for stolen items. You probably deal with delicate information in your laptop that needs to be kept safe. If security is not held to high standards, you might want to rethink hiring that service.

The Best Shared Office Space Near You

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