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How to Conquer the Difficulties of Remote Team Management in a Digital Office Space

Leading a remote team in virtual offices is challenging, whether ensuring everyone feels valued and connected or maintaining clear communication. As more companies adopt telecommuting, the demand for effective strategies to operate within this new environment becomes increasingly important. 

With suitable approaches that embrace technology appropriately, these potential hurdles become opportunities for building an engaged and highly productive team. Here are five hands-on tips that will help you become a master at managing remote teams.

1) Set up Explicit Communication Channels

Any successful team heavily relies on good communication, which becomes even more essential when dealing with staff members from different locations or time zones. To avoid misunderstandings among teammates, establish explicit protocols through which information flows back and forth smoothly. Everybody should use reliable communication tools they are comfortable with while understanding what response time is expected from them and their availability window during working hours. It would also be helpful if meetings could be scheduled regularly, followed by an agenda, and then summarized later, thus keeping each other in mind.

2) Foster Belongingness Among Workers

The most challenging thing about having employees spread across various places is that they tend to feel lonely sometimes since there are no colleagues around whom they can interact freely during break times like those working in one office space setting. Overcome this challenge by creating strong communities where individuals know each other beyond work relationships alone. 

remote team management calgaryArrange for online social events such as coffee breaks or happy hours so people can get together virtually and have fun getting acquainted personally and professionally. Let them chat informally together now and then, even if it means setting up a “water cooler” corner somewhere on your platform where staff members can share updates about themselves outside job-related matters only; doing so helps foster unity spirit among them, thereby enhancing team morale besides promoting teamwork skills needed for success.

3) Take Advantage Of Project Management Systems

Use project management tools that give visibility into what everyone is doing at any given time and enable real-time progress updates. Some of these task managers include Asana, Trello or, which could help in tracking deadlines, among other things related to tasks’ completion within set periods; they provide a bird’s eye view of everything thus making it easier for an individual to align their work accordingly without missing out anything along the line.

4) Allow Flexibility In Working Hours

Flexibility remains one significant upside as well as downside associated with remote working. Be ready to acknowledge that some employees might reside in regions with different time zones or have personal commitments that demand more attention during specific hours of day or night than others. Therefore, this calls for you to offer flexible hours where people can put in their best when productivity levels are high. It is also wise for all team members to share standard working slots each day to enable direct collaboration among themselves whenever the need arises; otherwise, trust them enough so that they can plan how to manage time effectively on their own but still deliver desired results collectively.

5) Regular Feedback & Support

It is common for offsite staff members to feel left out from performance evaluations, hence missing crucial feedback necessary for growth. Conduct regular constructive criticism sessions via video chats with every employee individually while considering their achievements plus areas they need improving upon and offering necessary assistance wherever applicable. Apart from this being one-way career development can be enhanced, it also demonstrates your commitment to seeing someone succeed professionally, boosting morale among workers and job satisfaction.

Although managing distributed teams poses unique challenges, there are ways around this that can lead to increased productivity and happiness at work. These five practical tips will ensure the smooth running of operations within your workforce situated remotely, thus turning it into a success story. To get more insights on how best you could optimize management for virtual offices or for any other service inquiries, please visit our Calgary business centre location or get in touch with us. Let’s make telecommuting work well for both your employees and your organization!

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