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Coworking for the Win: Things To Consider When Looking for a Coworking Space

Coworking has become a major trend for businesses of all sizes. Most of these spaces offer additional benefits that cannot be seen in traditional office spaces.  When looking for a coworking space for your business, there are several things to take into consideration to ensure you are setting up your business in the right spot.

Benefits of Coworking Spaces

The business sector has come to understand that coworking spaces assist the diverse needs of both its employees and their budget. These spaces provide a wide range of advantages to companies of all sizes since they are flexible and adaptable workplaces.

These include things such as:

●  Cost-effectiveness

●  Flexibility of workspace

●  Balance Between Life and Work

●  Advantages to Start-Ups

●  Centralized Meeting Spaces

What to Consider When Looking for Coworking Spaces

Office Amenities

Coworking spaces often come with some kind of furnishing for their users including desks, chairs, tables, and other office furniture.  This is a major benefit to businesses so they can come right in without needing to spend extra money on office furniture.  Interested parties should also ask about other amenities such as projector rentals, printing services, and access to boardrooms that might be included in a coworking space.

Office Atmosphere

Depending on your business, aesthetics can be a major selling point.  If you have clients come into your space often or you plan to use it for marketing purposes, finding a coworking space that fits your business style is a major plus.  The best office spaces are those that are open and encourage collaboration and networking. This also includes things such as lighting, temperature, and noise.  Look for a space that will make it easy on your employees so they will actually enjoy coming into the office.


Employees want flexibility where they work.  Most say they are more productive when they can change locations while working and this includes both location and working hours.  See if the coworking space you are looking at allows for the moving of tables or chairs within the facilities to fit your employee’s need to change scenery every once in a while.


The benefit of coworking space is the ability for people to easily network and collaborate.  However, sometimes employees want a quiet space to get some work done.  When looking at a coworking space, consider the options for privacy which can include moveable walls or noise canceling headphones that can block outside noise.


No business can run without good internet.  High-speed internet is not just a benefit to today’s businesses, it’s a necessity.  Be sure to ask what internet options are available to you within the coworking facility. You want a high-speed, reliable connection so your employees won’t be slowed down by slow internet.


Work-life balance is more than ever, a major factor in employee satisfaction across industries.  Things such as gyms, outdoor patios, green spaces, and other recreational spaces are very appealing to employees and should be something your coworking space also offers.  Even if these facilities are not located directly in the same building, if employees are within walking distance from them they will most likely take advantage.  Coworking spaces also are known to offer things such as complimentary coffee and tea so see if these are available in the space you are looking at as well.

Office Access

Your business’s busiest time of the day may not be the same as another in the same coworking space.  Having flexible access to the office space can be the difference between a productive team and a not-so-productive one.  Learn the hours that the coworking space is open so you can plan your team’s time more effectively.

Office Security

Most people won’t want to leave their laptops or other personal items in a coworking space unless they can be sure no one will steal them.  Ask about the security options of both people entering the building as well as what happens inside the building. If the building is open all day and night, is there someone there during all hours as well for security issues?  Employees that feel safe will work better.


One of the most obvious considerations to take into account for a coworking space is where it is located.  You are going to want a space that is close to you or where your employees are.  Closeby transit is a huge plus for those living in urban areas.  For areas where employees may be traveling in their own cars, consider the proximity of parking garages or if the coworking space has dedicated parking.  Also, consider how easy it will be for clients to come by the office and how they will park or the transit they will take.

coworking space

Extra Costs

A lot of coworking spaces have a range of benefits and amenities for their users, but before you sign up, make sure to ask what is included in your monthly subscription.  Ask upfront if things such as printing services, conference room rentals, or more are included or if they have additional costs.  This will help you plan your budget and confirm you can afford the coworking space of your dreams.

Final Thoughts

Finding the right coworking space for your business can be hard, but it can be a worthwhile investment if you take the time to find the best space.  Keep in mind the things we suggested here when looking for your next coworking space to help you maximize your budget and find a place you can set your business up for long-term growth.

No matter if you are a large corporation or a start-up business, Astra Business Center has coworking spaces for you. We offer the tools and space required to support any sized business in the Calgary region in expanding and thriving.

It’s time to look into new coworking possibilities, such as the Astra Business Center, and abandon the lengthy leases, high risk, and high expense of traditional office spaces. Businesses using our facilities can take advantage of a variety of perks from cleaning services to boardroom access to completely equipped offices.

So come by right away to explore how our coworking spaces may help your company!

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